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You’re support brings us closer to beneficial collective change!! do you want gun protection? do you want parent protection?  higher wadges rental restrictions better health care greater hospitals school reform police reform exceptional Social Security Necessary abortion restrictions Necessary drug restrictions Better Currency un-housed policies, and more I'm your candidate. donate in the manner that's most beneficial to the people. Washingtonians have endured some of the worst years in Washington history and shouldn't have to endure 4 more. Skyrocketing food and gas prices, the highest crime rate in decades, the poorest education rates in the nation, deadly wildfires, and some of the highest cost of living in the nation. This is no longer acceptable. Washingtonians deserve actual solutions to the problems his administration has created. We will do so by using new strategies, fresh voices, and outstanding leadership that refuse to pander to bureaucracy. One who won't be bought by special interests.  Below I’ve put together detailed, yet concise overview of my plan for Washington. Together, we can restore the Washington state dream for our children and grandchildren a vote for me Ambra Mason is beneficial collective change.  Take part in greatness!  Donate !!!

all donations will be able to be tracked on the PDC web page  thank you all for your support!!!! 


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On Tuesday, November 5, 2024 vote for
Ambra Mason for Governor of Washington State.


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